What is the C.H.E.K. Program?

The C.H.E.K. Program starts with a comprehensive assessment which allows us to determine what type of exercise or therapy program you will need. A full musculoskeletal, postural, and movement pattern analysis is performed. We also use Posturology to assess your eyes, jaw, and feet, all three of which can have a profound influence on posture.

The Assessment Includes:

• Postural Analysis
• Spinal Measurements (using inclinometer)
• Full Muscular Length/Tension analysis
• Core Stability Evaluation
• Primal Movement Pattern Analysis
• Gait Analysis
• Eye, Jaw, Foot Analysis
• Past History
• Exercise Program Design

Now that we have the assessment, we can develop a program that will be appropriate for you. Our programs consist of functional exercises that will address your current needs. The program will be tailored so that you can perform it at whatever location fits for you whether it be at a health club, at home, or at your office.

Depending on your assessment, we may advise you to utilize other treatment specialists such as a massage therapist, osteopath, naturopath, etc. We have a large referral list of trusted complimentary professional practitioners that we consider to be some of the best at what they do.





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