The science of Osteopathy is a study of the human body as it functions in health and disease. Osteopathy uses very precise palpatory and manipulative techniques to treat the restrictions in tissues, which prevent the various parts of the body from fulfilling their natural functions. The objective of the practice of Osteopathy is to restore mobility to the different systems of the body, (musculo-skeletal, circulatory, digestive, pulmonary and nervous systems) thus improving the regulation and interactions of these systems.

We use osteopathy to help prevent and treat injuries and to allow the different systems of the body to be free to function properly. Core Essentials uses Osteopaths and Osteopathic students that have studied under Guy Voyer, MD, DO. Dr. Guy Voyer from France is a world renound expert on the fascia of the body and teaches at many schools in both Europe and Canada.


Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has become an important part of general health care for many people.

Traditional healthcare systems throughout the world recognize that therapeutic massage can play an important role in treating illness or chronic ailments, and contribute to a higher sense of general well-being.

And with ever-expanding research on the beneficial effects of massage, more professionals are advising patients to include therapeutic massage in their health care and preventative treatment plans. Physicians, chiropractors and physiotherapists are recommending more patients receive massages for certain health conditions, while many employers and health insurance plans support the use of registered massage therapists.



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