At Core Essentials, we use Posturology as part of our assessment techniques.

Posturology is relatively new to Canada, with only a limited number of trained practitioners. It is used more widely in France and Italy where many studies have been conducted. We learned our posturology assessment techniques from Dr. Bernard Bricot (one of the top acupuncturists and orthopedic surgeons in Europe), and Dr. Michel Joubert, a top podiatrist and Level IV C.H.E.K. practitioner from Trois Riviere, Quebec.

Posturology allows us to assess the sometimes out-of-tune receptors of the body that have a profound influence on our tonic postural system. Generally the stronger you’re sensory and propreoceptive system is, the more awareness you have of your overall posture.

We look at the eyes, feet, jaw, and other skin and muscle receptors that influence posture.

What we find is that many injuries are the result of specific receptors that are not functioning properly. Once these out-of-tune receptors are reprogrammed, postural correction is made and injuries are treated and prevented. Many times the postural reprogramming is done through eye exercises, jaw or breathing exercises and postural insoles (not the same as orthotics). If orthotics are needed, we send our clients to Dr. Michel Joubert.

Posturology has amazing results not just for highly trained athletes, but for individuals of all ages. We combine our posturology assessment results with our C.H.E.K. assessment and put them all together in a corrective exercise program made especially for you.




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