We have a valuable health and wellness program to offer. Our program can be tailored to the direct needs of an organization. We are skilled at taking a variety of valuable health and wellness information and services and implementing them at a useable level within an organization. We do this by creating a wellness platform with effective mediums that address the organization’s needs. Our platform can be quickly implemented and is designed to track and measure usage and results.

It is our understanding that for most individuals it is very challenging to stay healthy. Many people can’t afford, or understand little about the vast amount of wellness services available to them such as personal exercise training, nutritional consulting, rehabilitation services, etc. Individuals are constantly bombarded with poor quality information via the media with attempts at selling quick fix gimmicks or so called “health products”. This approach can be costly and results are usually poor.

Core Essentials aim is to give the individuals within an organization a method of utilizing the skills and knowledge of professional health and wellness consultants at a level that will be most usable to them. We believe that this will become a very valuable benefit to the employee and employer.


The Challenge Organizations Face

Work tasks, workplace ergonomics and work-induced stress all take their toll on the human body. This toll can lead to poor employee performance, absenteeism, and increased insurance claims.

Corrective exercise can mitigate the negative effects the work environment places on the human body. However, many people donít know where to start. Lack of access to the correct information results in poor and limited outcomes leading to a low return on the individualís investment of time and energy and inevitably a loss of motivation.


Benefits of incorporating Corporate Wellness Strategies into an organizations performance strategy

Research has found that organizations can achieve the following benefits through a strategic corporate wellness program:

• Exercise improves immune system functioning, which can lead to reduced absenteeism and health claims.
• Proper ergonomics can reduce the risk of injury in the work place.
• Corrective exercise can mitigate the negative effects work tasks can place on an individual’s posture. A stronger body will perform work tasks more effectively and is less likely to become injured.
• Exercise is a natural way to enhance mood and improve concentration.
• The correct information leads to measurable results in a shorter period of time. These results provide positive reinforcement that will enhance motivation.


Some Corporate Health Program Statistics

Many corporations have already recognized the benefits of investing in the heath and wellbeing of their employees.

• Canada Life in Toronto showed a return on investment of $3.40 on each corporate dollar invested on reduced turnover, productivity gains and decreased medical gains.
• Municipal employees in Toronto missed 3.35 fewer days in the first six months of their “Metro Fit” fitness programs than employees not enrolled in the program.
• The Canadian Life Assurance Company found that the turnover rate for fitness program participants was 32.4% lower than the average over a seven-year period.
• Coca Cola Canada reported a reduction in health-care claims with an exercise program alone saving $500.00 per employee per year for the employees who joined their HealthWorks fitness program.

For more information about these case studies see Health Canada: Trends Related to Health Spending and Prevention Strategies at:


Core Essentials Approach

Core Essentials takes a holistic approach to health and wellness. A number of factors can affect an individual’s physical and mental performance. Workplace ergonomic set-up, postural make-up, nutritional choices, sleep patterns and other health and lifestyle habits can stress the human body, which in turn can impact an individual’s ability to achieve optimal performance in the work place.

Core Essential’s success is achieved by listening to our clients. We offer custom solutions that are targeted to the needs and priorities of our clients at both a corporate and individual level. Core Essentials provides support, motivation and valuable information geared to personal wellness.

An optimal solution might include:

• An ergonomic appraisal of the various job roles within the work environment.
• Individual needs assessment for each program member. The needs assessment could include a postural examination, nutritional evaluation and lifestyle assessment.
• A corrective exercise program and nutritional plan tailored to the unique findings of each assessment.
• Ongoing motivation and wellness coaching.
• A continuous improvement strategy that includes periodic assessments to measure results.
• Group seminars that address relevant topics of interest.
• Consultation on how to set up fitness facilities in the workplace.


Our Process

First Core Essentials will work with key decision makers within your organization to complete a needs analysis. The needs analysis will identify your organization’s unique performance issues that could be addressed through a corporate wellness program.

Based on the needs analysis, Core Essentials will provide high-level recommendations for how a corporate wellness program can be incorporated into your organizations human performance strategy. Core Essentials will then work with you to develop a proposal for a custom solution tailored to your organizations priorities and budget.


Customized Wellness Platforms

Organizations may choose to incorporate these customized wellness services or platforms.

A) How to Eat, Move, and Be Healthy Program
B) On-Line Exercise and Wellness Program
C) Core Essentials Professional Wellness Consultants
D) Holistic Wellness Center


A) How to Eat, Move, and Be Healthy Program

This is a program that teaches you the foundation principles of leading a healthy lifestyle which include proper exercise, proper nutrition, adequate water intake, and the right amount of rest and sleep. This program teaches you how to implement the “How to Eat, Move, and Be Healthy” guide developed by the C.H.E.K Institute and taught by C.H.E.K. Certified Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaches.

Employees receive the How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy guide. They are taught how to implement the valuable health and wellness information through a number of seminars. Employees will be guided through functional exercises, postural education, the latest nutritional information and will get answers to personal health and wellness questions from skilled, certified nutrition and exercise coaches..

Employees will learn:

• How to proportion your meals to achieve optimal weight
• The truth about fats and oils, animal products and grains
• What exercises will be right for you
• Proper lifting techniques
• Correct Workplace Ergonomics
• How stress is impacting your body
• The importance of sleep and circadian rhythms
• The role adequate water intake has on your body
• Food Intolerance Education
• The importance of enzymes and whole foods
• The dangers of processed foods
• The pros and cons of different diets

The difference between:

• Organic vs. Conventional Foods
• Cooked vs. Raw Foods
• Good Fats vs. Bad Fats.


B) On-Line Exercise and Wellness Program

The On-line Exercise and Wellness Program is a convenient and effective way for employees to access cutting edge, up-to-date information that can be used to improve an individual’s health and well-being. The program creates motivation and instruction on how to stay in peak condition by utilizing a holistic approach to health and wellness. Each program member has access to top health and exercise professionals that will guide them through personalized up-to-date exercise and nutrition protocols. The wellness program enables employees to customize their own exercise and nutrition programs, schedule program consultations, ask questions regarding their personal health and wellness, access injury recommendation tools and keep up-to-date on the latest health and wellness research.

The On-Line Exercise and Wellness Program is directly tailored to the unique needs of each Corporation. The program incorporates personalized attention from Core Essentials certified health professionals and is specifically tailored to the needs of the organization involved. Listed bellow are a few of the many benefits that this program has to offer.

Improved employee health leading to increased productivity, fewer injuries and less sick time.
• Increased job satisfaction leading to lower turnover.
• Improved means of obtaining feedback about the program to obtain tangible measures of successes and identify opportunities for continuous improvement.
• Decreased costs of managing health claims.

Program Description

Each employee will have access to a personalized on-line site that offers these valuable services:

• Individualized Exercise Program Design (Pictures/Video/Instruction)
• Individualized Nutritional Program (Metabolic Typing)
• Workplace Ergonomic Instruction (Pictures/Video/Instruction)
• Scheduler (to book appointments with health professionals)
• Injury Recommendation Tool (allows employee to receive instant advice on specific injuries)
• Access to On-Line Health and Wellness Store
• Up-do-date Health and Wellness Research
• Weekly Health and Wellness Newsletters
• Discussion Forum with access to Professional Wellness Consultants
• Links to Top Health and Wellness Sites

The On-line Exercise and Wellness Program is an effective communication and tracking tool allowing for delivery of these valuable services:

• Upcoming Events/Wellness Workshops
• On-Line Surveys
• Newsletters
• Incentive Programs


C) Core Essentials Professional Wellness Consultants

(These are the professionals that make up the Core Essentials Team)

• Corporate Education Consultant/Instructional Designer
• Web consulting/development/programming specialists
• *C.H.E.K Certified Corrective Exercise Specialists
• **C.H.E.K Certified Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaches
• ***Posturologists
• Osteopaths and Chiropractors
• Registered Massage Therapists

The effectiveness of our approach stems from our method of combining a team of highly qualified practitioners from multiple disciplines. Together, these methodologies allow for a comprehensive and highly effective approach to wellness

*C.H.E.K Certified Corrective Exercise Specialists

C.H.E.K Certified Corrective Exercise Specialists are experts in the fields of corrective exercise and injury rehabilitation. A C.H.E.K Practitioner utilizes a holistic approach to health and wellness with unique methodologies such as postural assessments, functional movement assessments, and expert program design and implementation. These are some of the most qualified personal trainers in the country.

**C.H.E.K Certified Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaches

C.H.E.K Certified Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaches give expert coaching on how food and lifestyle choices determine our health and wellness. Our NLC Coaches are Certified Metabolic Typing Advisors. There are only a few Certified Nutrition & Lifestyle coaches in Ontario.


A Posturologist is skilled at assessing posture from a global perspective. Posturology allows us to assess the sometimes out-of-tune receptors of the body that have a profound influence on our tonic postural system. Generally the stronger you’re sensory and propreocptive system is, the more awareness you have of your overall posture. Posturologists look at the eyes, feet, jaw, and other skin and muscle receptors that influence posture.

Registered Massage Therapists

Registered Massage Therapists are skilled at many forms of muscular tension release. Core Essentials massage therapists have complementary certifications such as Acupuncture and Cranial Sacral Therapy.


D) Holistic Wellness Center

The on-site Holistic Wellness Center is a tangible symbol of an organization’s commitment to the health and well-being of its members. The center is equipped with Core Essentials unique functional conditioning equipment including:

• Cardiovascular and Metabolic Conditioning Equipment
• Multi-Purpose Functional Strength Equipment (Adjustable Cables, Free Weights,)
• Balance Equipment (Swiss Balls, Balance Boards)
• Stretch Stations (Mats, Table, Foam Rollers, Bar)
• Functional Testing Equipment (Table, C.H.E.K calipers, BP cuff, inclinometer, posture chart)
• Assessment Room (small office, computer station with printer, on-line access to personalized conditioning program











































































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